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Bas Gadiot

Business Director

Bas develops new business for Crosswise Works, often in partnership with cross-sector stakeholders. His expertise on market systems, private sector development and building public private partnerships is used in consultancy work and Crosswise Works home grown programs. He specializes in work around agri-business and circular economy. Energetic and analytically strong, he is most passionate about entrepreneurship, support of growing businesses and market system development. Feel free to reach out to Bas via email or LinkedIn!

Mayke Harding

Managing Director

Mayke brings in broad experience in the arena of international development, SME development and Capacity Building. She knows how to build bridges across cultures and co-design workable solutions with like-minded and enthusiastic people. She is a true believer in professional autonomy, and promotes systems and values of self-organisation, both within the CWW team as well as in our collaboration with partners. Feel free to reach out to Mayke via email or LinkedIn!

Magdalis Mercilia

Finance Manager

Magdalis is an experienced professional with a high level of integrity in financial management, valuing warm and attentive contact with international partners. A combination of open communication and strong analytical skills allows her to untangle complex situations with ease. Magdalis' energy is fuelled by collaborating in teams, and can be reached via email or LinkedIn!

Diwy Tomassen

Senior Impact Manager

With tons of managerial and anthropological experience, Diwy gets things done in her portfolio of ambitious projects. She is able zoom in on specifics, pan out to the overarching master plan, and manoeuvre between different cultures while keeping the local context in sight. Endless talks? Those are saved for after work… with a drink in hand! Contact Diwy via email or LinkedIn!

Malou van Nieuwkoop

Senior Impact Manager

With buckets of managerial and consulting experience, Malou brings a bottom up approach to her projects. Working on innovative solutions that make a difference, she has a pragmatic and hands-on mentality, bringing clarity to things which need to be done - very useful capabilities for an impact manager. Contact Malou via email or LinkedIn!

Eva Rootmensen

Senior Impact Manager

Eva has helped countless enterprises on topics from impact measurement to access to finance. Having coordinated several grant schemes, she knows how to look at enterprises from an investors point of view. Eva is analytically strong and knows how to structure things: basically, she is the one you need to help your start-up build a solid foundation! Contact Eva via email or LinkedIn!

Ingrid Sinnige

Senior Impact Manager

Having lived in East Africa, Ingrid is used to working together with a local team and (illiterate) grassroot target audiences via Human Centered Design processes. As a project manager she is hands-on and switches easily from plan a to plan b or c, prioritizing the balance between a smooth and efficient process while safeguarding the interests and needs of the target audience. Reach out to Ingrid via email or LinkedIn!

Jip van Leemput

Impact Manager

Jip approaches projects with a pragmatic, sustainable, and intersectional outlook. With her experience on the ground in West and East Africa, she keeps a Human Centered approach at the forefront of her work. Jip has managed multiple large projects, budgets, and stakeholders. Reach out to Jip via email or LinkedIn!

Corneill Spaapen

Impact Manager

Exploring the fields of governance, economic development, and globalisation, Corneill's interests centre around transforming sustainable development through grassroots community empowerment. Equipped with an interdisciplinary toolbox to tackle the projects he works on, he loves implementing innovative ideas. Contact Corneill via email or LinkedIn!

Lucia Ameli

Impact Manager

With a background in political economy, environmental sustainability and youth engagement, Lucia loves working at the intersection of different fields and translating insights into action for social impact. She works on project support, research and communication. Reach out to Lucia via email or LinkedIn!

Jel Yvon New
JelYvon Kadijk

Board Chair

JelYvon is an experienced transition manager and coach. It provides energy for change, so that people don't want to go back. She creates impact with calm and confidence by focusing on talent and ownership. She brings things back to the essence, that simplicity is often so clear and inspiring.

Karol New
Karol Hillebrandt

Board Secretary

Karol is secretary of the board of Crosswise Works. As an employment lawyer, he brings experience in the field of legal affairs and human resources. Karol is a partner and co-founder of the Amsterdam based employment law firm Sparck. You can contact Karol via email or LinkedIn.

Sjoerd New
Sjoerd Kramer

Board Treasurer

Sjoerd is treasurer of the board of Crosswise Works. Providing a relevant contribution to our society is an important value. As an auditor, he provides his perspective and experience in the field of governance, internal controls, financial reporting and NGO’s in an international context. You can contact Sjoerd via LinkedIn.

Ineke New
Ineke Aquarius

Board Member

Ineke is a social entrepreneur who has been starting impact initiatives since 2000, mostly in Africa. She creates impact through creative industry development. In the CWW board Ineke focuses on strategy and access to networks. Feel free to reach out to Ineke via email or Linkedin.

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